flexiPOS is a cloud based Point of Sales solution that requires no local installation and runs on any low cost Android Phone or Tablet. It features everything a professional POS solution does like complex setups with multiple printers, cashiers and waiters.

flexiPOS does not require any installation, backupss and ensures that you will be up and running 24/7. Even in the event of power, internet or workstation failure, just open your smartphone and continue working.

Our solution follows a subscription based model so you do not have to worry about versions, backups, updates, migration costs. For a small monthly fee you can have a fully working POS solution.


xCMS - Content Management System

xCMS is a content management system middleware used for building custom CMS solutions for our clients. We can customize screens, forms and workflows based on your needs with reasonable cost. The benefit of being able to to adjust the CMS to your company's information model is tremendous as it leads to increased productivity, ease of use and thus more time to focus on your business.

See a brief list of our clients [here]

xPub - Digital Publication Platform

xPub is a digital publishing platform that makes use of the popular epub format for ebooks. Build your own digital bookstore with custom portal for reading books, custom mobile apps, integrate it with your web site. xPub allows you to upload, manage and sell your digital books online. A set of epub readers (for the Web, iPhone/iPad and Android) allow the users to directly read the ebooks from the device of their choosing, place bookmarks, navigate through the chapters etc...