xTek is software company that focuses on innovative products and solutions. We focus on the development of web based information systems, highly interactive dynamic web applications, mobile solutions and social media applications.

The main technologies we use include Javascript, PHP, Java SE/EE, HTML5, CSS3. We have proven experience with demanding web applications in terms of visitors and traffic load as well as highly interactive web applications and portals with unique user experience.

The satisfaction and loyalty of your clients, the creation of a long lasting impression about your brand name, the high value of your products and the irresistible attraction of your company is defined by your strong presence on the internet. We at xTek aim at creating returning value from your internet investment and thus helping you expand your business towards new goals.

We provide a wide range of services including:

web design & development

We create innovative layouts and designs for various different domains of activity.
Our designs incorporate state of the art internet technologies like HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript.
We use responsive web design techniques and device specific styles for the best view experience.

We develop dynamic web portals that support the constant need for day-to-day update and communication with the visitor. Our innovative solutions cover a wide range of activities and needs like e-shop and general e-commerce, e-publishing, e-press etc.

We specialize in the development and support of the necessary tools for your company to provide a rich interactive experience and build a strong relationship with the visitor.

web promotion & advertisement

We at xTek believe that a website should be a returning invenstment. To that end designing a website capable to incorporate current promotion techniques and promoting it via all available internet routes is necessary.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    All our products come with a preconfigured care and support for Search Engines. A basic SEO is included in all our works. Further SEO services are provided to make your website popular and attract incoming traffic.
  • Search Engine Marketing

    We implement various methods in order to promote your website including Social Media Marketing campaigns, AdWords campaigns, regional specific promotion etc.

web hosting & support

We provide low-cost web hosting solutions for your website ensuring that you have sufficient space and traffic quota.
Our support scheme ensures an unobtrusive running time for your website. We keep regular backups of your data, provide updates for our products and solve any possible problems.

mobile web

We build rich interactive mobile applications and mobile websites for android and iPhone/iPad devices. These applications may have a different level of complexity, from viewing plain content, to rich multimedia, interaction with a server, submitting and editing products, reading ebooks etc.


We provide a set of products for several needs and always develop new ones. Contact us if you need a custom product for your specific needs.

  • flexiPOS - Cloud-based Point of Sales Solution

    flexiPOS is a multi-component Cloud-based Point of Sales solution. It is comprised by three mobile applications for the management of i) the orders, ii) the delivery and iii) the kitchen, as well as two web applications for the management of i) the entire store and it's components (menus, tables, people etc) and ii) the orders. It is a low-cost solution as the mobile applications support current low-cost android devices and the web applications can work via any personal computer.
  • xCMS - Content Management System

    We have developed our unique CMS (Content Management System) that can easily be modified to adapt to the specific needs of every dynamic website. xCMS allows the user to control and configure all aspects of a website using standard web technologies and databases.
  • xPub - Digital Publication Platform

    xPub is a digital publishing platform. It enables the cataloguing, uploading and publishing of ebooks, has an incorporated ebook reader, a user management system for your clients and a full ebook eshop module.